Hello out there in cyber-land! Thanx for poppin inYou might hsave nouticred I’ve been away for  awhile ihad a massive stroke in August an d have been in th hospital an rehab since Iam evr so slowly lre learning how to play again Thsank yo sall so much for your support and prayers   I am expecting a complete recovery. Still havin a blast playing with Shawn Brown. For a youngster, he has a masterful approach to music, and it’s always a pleasure making music together. The Fab 3 are enjoying our 8th year at Captain Curts in Siesta Key, and I even have some solo dates coming up at Gatorz, and Deans. Thanx to all of you for your continued support. The new web site is live This web site will have updates on new work, projects and updates. Please feel free to drop me an E-mail if you would like information on bookings, availability or CD purchases. Swordfish keeps swimming The Swordfish project is going on when the guys can get together. Look for new work at Scott’s site